Kathy Wolfe

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20–Year SAG-AFTRA Voiceover Artist Specializing in IVR and Narration

Kathy has lent her talent to a wide variety of industries for over twenty years. Based in Orange County, California, Kathy serves clients nationwide.

Her signature sound provides clarity, credibility, and genuine warmth. Simply put, Kathy's voice reflects her personality – professional and likable.


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Kathy Wolfe is one of the true professionals in the voice over community.

I have worked with Kathy on so many recording projects over the past 13 years and no matter what I have asked of her, she has come through time and time again.

Clients love not only the natural quality of her voice, but how she projects a caring, confident, and professional persona.
— Mark Sempek, West Corporation

I submit hundreds of prompt recordings to her each year for Humana’s IVR systems. I am always amazed at how fast she completes the recordings, and the accuracy and quality she demonstrates over and over.

I highly recommend Kathy to be your voice of choice.
— Jeff Skeeters, Humana

Even if she’s updating an IVR that was originally recorded several years ago, her recordings match up perfectly.  Her turnaround times are always exceptional and her ability to take direction and get the right read is extraordinary.

Whether it be for financial, telecommunications, medical, really whatever, Kathy can deliver.
— Correy Webb, CSG Interactive



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